Rock City’s Spotlight Model, Sana


Rock City had the pleasure of featuring the talented and versatile model, Sana, originally hailing from India. Having ventured to New York in 2018 to pursue a master’s degree and a career in the fashion industry, Sana has made a mark with her unique look and modeling expertise.

Today’s photoshoot for the Rock City About Page and Contact Page aimed to infuse warmth and welcoming vibes, and Sana’s presence was the perfect fit. With a diverse portfolio, including a notable shoot for a Halal restaurant in Brooklyn in 2022 and collaboration with various NY Photographers, Sana has proven her adaptability in different settings.

Sana’s modeling journey started back in 2015, devoid of any prior experience. Over the course of eight years, she has cultivated a profound understanding of the industry, encompassing elements such as lighting, equipment proficiency, and the art of striking the perfect pose.

Expressing interest in both fashion and commercial modeling, Sana showcases a commendable versatility that resonates within the dynamic landscape of the fashion industry.

In terms of influences, Sana cites Yasmin Ghauri as a pivotal figure whose career trajectory she admires. Ghauri’s success serves as a wellspring of inspiration for Sana as she continues to carve her own path in the competitive world of modeling.

When queried about her comfort with travel for modeling assignments, Sana affirmed her preparedness, underscoring her dedication to her craft and the demands it may entail.

Beyond her modeling pursuits, Sana reveals a profound passion for establishing her own brand of leather goods and a foundation dedicated to supporting individuals grappling with depression. This dual commitment reflects a broader philanthropic vision beyond the confines of the fashion industry.

Rock City expressed satisfaction with the collaboration, emphasizing the positive experience and the promising shots captured during the shoot at their Greenpoint Brooklyn office. They look forward to potential future collaborations with Sana.

For aspiring models seeking a chance to be featured on Rock City’s blog, the invitation is open. Interested individuals can reach out via email at The Rock City team extends gratitude for continuous support, offering warm wishes for a safe and joyful holiday season. 🙏 ❤️

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