Getting to Know Jeralynn Mance


Amidst the bustling streets of Brooklyn, a new face in the world of modeling has stepped on the scene. Jeralynn Mance, a talented model hailing from Indiana, has been carving her path in the vibrant city of New York for about a year now. Her journey, however, stretches further back, having spent time in Atlanta before setting her sights on the city that never sleeps.

Embracing the essence of creativity since childhood, Jeralynn’s passion for the arts ignited her desire to pursue modeling. In an interview with Rock City, she shared insights into her inspirations and dreams that shape her budding career.

“I’ve wanted to be a model since childhood and love the creative arts as a whole,” Jeralynn expressed when asked about her inspiration for stepping into the world of modeling. Her passion for creativity drives her to explore different types of modeling.

When questioned about her specific interests, Jeralynn laid out her dreams and goals with clarity. Her aspirations span across print, commercial, lifestyle, and fit modeling. With ambitions to collaborate with esteemed brands like Fenty Beauty, Pretty Little Things, Cover Girl, Target, Macy’s, and indie labels, her vision encompasses a diverse array of platforms.

Reflecting on her role models, Jeralynn reminisced about the awe-inspiring influence of iconic figures such as Naomi Campbell and Tyra Banks. She highlighted the significance of witnessing black women dominate the industry, acknowledging their impact on her own journey.

“As an older model starting out, I believe it’s valuable to already know who you are and have self-confidence,” Jeralynn emphasized. Beyond modeling, she is a multifaceted artist, delving into photography and acting. Her understanding of the creative process and her ability to craft compelling narratives through imagery add depth to her modeling pursuits.

With an adventurous spirit, Jeralynn remains open to the prospect of traveling for modeling assignments. While eager to explore opportunities beyond New York City, she aims to absorb all that the vibrant metropolis has to offer before embarking on wider horizons.

Expanding her skills, Jeralynn revealed her foray into filmmaking, nearing the pre-production phase for her debut short film. Her creativity knows no bounds as she continues to diversify her artistic portfolio.

Jeralynn Mance stands as a testament to resilience, ambition, and the pursuit of creative excellence. Her journey from the heartlands to the cosmopolitan avenues of New York City exemplifies the spirit of chasing one’s dreams.

As she continues to navigate the competitive world of modeling, Jeralynn Mance remains a name to watch, an emerging talent poised to make a mark in the fashion and creative industries.

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