Remembering Pam Woods: A Tribute to Her Musical Legacy


Bahamian music star Pam Woods, known for her lively shows and positive vibes, was honored with a special event called the Pamela Woods Hall of Fame Concert on February 29th, 2024, at Sapodilla. The concert celebrated Pam’s life after she passed away on February 14th. People of all ages, from family to fans, came together to remember Pam and enjoy music, memories, and good vibes.

At the Pamela Woods Hall of Fame Concert, held from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm, everyone was invited to wear white clothes to show unity and joy. The concert was hosted by Ray Morrison and featured many talented musicians and bands like Vice Versa Band, Essence Band, Curbside Rockerz Band, and others. They played different kinds of music, from slow songs to lively tunes, all to honor Pam’s love for music.

As the evening went on, the Pamela Woods Hall of Fame Concert became a special time for everyone there. Through music and stories, people celebrated Pam’s life and how much she meant to them. The event was a beautiful way to remember Pam Woods and keep her spirit alive through her music.

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