Healing Hands Outreach & Prayer Ministry Intl’s Holiday Toy Drive


The festive season is a time for spreading joy and extending kindness to those in need. This year, Healing Hands Outreach & Prayer Ministry Intl is delighted to announce its annual Toy Drive, aiming to bring warmth and happiness to children during the holidays.

Ways to Partner and Make a Difference:

1. Offer Your Time: Volunteer and contribute to the cause by offering your time and effort.

2. Monthly Seed Contributions: Consider supporting the initiative by contributing a monthly seed donation. You can send your contributions to FCIB Account #200976580 at the Harbour Bay Branch to help sustain this charitable cause.

3. Purchase Grocery Items: Another impactful way to contribute is by purchasing grocery items that can support families in need during the holiday season.

For more information on how you can play a vital role in making this holiday season brighter for children and families, please reach out to Sharon Gibson, the pastor leading this initiative. You can contact Reverend Sharon Gibson at 242-448-9884 or via email at sharong45@hotmail.com.

Your support and generosity will help us spread love and joy to those who need it the most during this special time of the year. Join Healing Hands Outreach & Prayer Ministry Intl in making a difference and bringing smiles to children’s faces this holiday season.

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