This festive season, dive into the soulful melodies and timeless performances of jazz legend Paul Hanna. His mesmerizing concerts, which once echoed in live venues, are now available to grace your screens through DVD or downloadable options. Immerse yourself in the brilliance of his musical journey and gift your loved ones an experience they’ll cherish forever.

Available Concerts:

1. Music Springs Eternal, 1986
2. Essence of Paul Hanna, 2016
3. Daily Grind, 2018
4. Pursuit of Excellence, 2021

Packages & Pricing:

Choose the perfect package to suit your preferences:

– 1 video: $30
– 2 videos: $50
– 3 videos: $80
– 4 videos: $100

(Shipping fees not included)

How to Purchase:

Head over to for more details and to purchase these musical treasures. Celebrate the spirit of Christmas with the gift of unforgettable music from Paul Hanna’s iconic concerts!

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