Spelling Bee Meets Game Show: “Bee-Hamian” Redefines Family Entertainment


A groundbreaking game show, “Bee-Hamian,” is about to revolutionize family entertainment by bringing the excitement of spelling bees right into people’s homes. Hosted by Jaquay “DasQuay” Adderley, this show offers contestants of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to compete for a cash prize of up to $500, setting it apart from traditional spelling bees.

“Bee-Hamian” promises a rollercoaster of emotions, from the nail-biting moments as contestants approach the microphone to spell a word, to the joyous celebrations that follow a correct spelling. The show’s format ensures that viewers of all ages can engage with the excitement, making it a unique addition to television entertainment.

DasQuay, the creator, shared that he wanted to bring a fresh form of entertainment to television, and the concept of a spelling bee was a perfect fit. “Bee-Hamian” airs on OurTV (channel 212) on Mondays at 8:30 p.m. The first season features 24 contestants of various ages and backgrounds, including social media influencers, creating a blend of entertainment and competition, with potential for open casting in season two.

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