Romain Virgo is Ready To “Switch You On”


Jamaican reggae artist Romain Virgo is set to release a fresh, enchanting track titled “Switch You On” on October 18th via VP Records. In this new song, he deviates from his typical style, infusing a different energy and singing approach. Virgo takes the opportunity to showcase his falsetto vocals, and the result has left him thoroughly satisfied. The objective behind “Switch You On” was to create a catchy, danceable tune that people can sing along to.

Once again, Romain Virgo collaborates with reggae/dancehall producer Donovan “Don Corleon” Bennett and songwriter Matthew “Keely Keyz” Keaveny, both of whom contributed to his previous single, “Driver.” Don Corleon’s production artfully combines pop elements with reggae vibes, providing the perfect backdrop for Romain’s melodies and Keely’s harmonies to shine.

The music video, directed by Sameel ‘SAMO’ Johnson and shot in the heart of downtown Kingston, captures the song’s vibrant essence.

Later in October, Romain Virgo will debut “Switch You On” live in England, with shows scheduled in Manchester, Birmingham, Bristol, London, and Leicester.

“Switch You On” is the third single released in anticipation of his forthcoming album, following the success of “Good Woman” and “Driver,” which he shared earlier in the year.

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