Growth at BH&G MCR Bahamas, 5 New Women Agents Join


Better Homes & Gardens MCR Bahamas has added five new agents, a move directors said would “better enable us to serve the luxury market while preparing us for new markets and emerging trends.”

The leading firm’s founder Mario Carey announced the growth move, introducing the five women whose strong academic backgrounds and whose professional experiences span the spectrum from property investor to medical office management to digital marketing specialist.

“We are excited about the growth spurt of Better Homes and Gardens MCR  Bahamas,” said Carey, “not only because of the varied and unique talent that have chosen to join our firm, but because it will enable us to continue to serve the luxury market while preparing for, exciting new opportunities particularly in the Family Islands.”

The new agents are Danae Bethel, Janyce Carey, Odette-Carey-Russell, Brittany Malcolm and Ilianna Spychalla.

Spychalla, who is based in the Berry Islands and also manages the Chub Cay Marina, makes it a two-generation team with Better Homes & Gardens MCR Bahamas. Her father, Dean Spychalla, is the firm’s agent in Exuma.  

The other new associates work full-time out of the agency’s offices on Western Road. Their reasons for joining BHGRE are as varied as their backgrounds, Malcolm saying she was attracted to “the palpable energy and vibrance that permeates throughout the organization” and its “unwavering standard of excellence.” Carey-Russell said that recognizing changing markets she wanted the right environment to work with contacts she developed while studying abroad, especially those in Europe and Latin America who were showing more interest in Family Island properties and locations like The Bahamas. A property investor, she said the choice was also driven by a desire for mentorship while she helps others build successful passive income streams through revenue-generating investments.

“We are really proud to call people like Odette Carey-Russell, a multiple Paul Harris awardee for her community service work with Rotary plus 15 years of senior management experience, part of our team,” said Timothy Smith, partner. “When you see someone who understands the market, is earning income from property and you know they could go anywhere but they choose to land with you, it makes you especially proud.” 

While Carey-Russell’s ambition is to drive the investment property business, Janyce Carey is focusing on the residential ‘dream home’ market, hoping to add interior design to her line of specialty services.

“These are interesting times in the real estate industry,” said Carey. “We are seeing an historic interest in the Family Islands, a continuing hot market in waterfront luxury residential and a growing demand for short-term rental properties for investment purposes throughout The Bahamas.

“So while one new agent, Odette Carey-Russell can focus on finding the perfect investment for Airbnb income, Brittany Malcolm not only knows the Grand Bahama market but, understands the nuances of financial and administrative matters that are part of every transaction. Everyone brings a special talent and together they make a very special team.”

Says Smith, “The new agents also bring a commitment to community which is very important to Mario and all of us here at Better Homes & Gardens MCR Bahamas. We all volunteer at various programs. And there‘s another obvious factor in our growth. As more women enter the real estate investment market, either individually or in groups, we are adding them to our team, making it stronger, more diverse and more inclusive than ever, another reason to be proud.”

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