From New Jersey to Manhattan, King’s Performance Steals the Show


Hey there, peeps! 😎 Just gotta spill the beans about last night – there was only a few attendees which allowed for a meaningful connection and deeper acquantance with each other. πŸš€ Rock City Presents Talent Networking Event, you know? Went down at Slattery’s Midtown Pub in the heart of the Big Apple πŸ—½, like, the coolest spot ever!

Sooo, guess what? Mainly singers showed up, all amped to figure out how to drop their sweet tunes on the world 🎀🎢. Plus, we had an actor, model, and influencer in the house, keepin’ it stylish and adding some serious flavor!

Big ups to everyone who made it, y’all rock! πŸ™Œ DJ D Rell was on fire, mixin’ those beats πŸ”₯, and King, this dude from Jersey, dropped a fresh track that’s like a catchy earworm πŸ›. Seriously, major props to him for sharing his talent with us.

Peep these pics from the night πŸ“Έ, and get ready ’cause we’ve got a Halloween bash coming on October 20th – “The Official Soho Vampire Ball” πŸ¦‡πŸŒƒ. Put it on your calendar, ’cause it’s gonna be spooktacular! Catch ya later, fam! 😜✌️

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