Curbside Rockerz Creates Super Mario Tik Tok Video


Last evening, I was sent a TikTok video that featured the Bahamian band known as Curbside Rockerz, and I must say, it was a delightful experience. The band took on the iconic theme song from the Super Mario Brothers, a video game that holds a special place in the hearts of many from our generation. What truly impressed me was their commitment to the act, as they were all dressed up as characters we’ve cherished for decades – Mario, Luigi, Princess and others. The music theme had a mix of Rake n Scrape to give it that Bahamian feel, taking this nostalgic journey to the next level.

The leader of the band, Leo Jones, is a remarkable individual whose passion for music dates back to his early childhood, likely starting at the tender age of 5 or perhaps even earlier. His upbringing is undoubtedly remarkable, as he hails from a family of gifted musicians. His mother, Pam Woods, is a renowned vocalist and keyboardist with a remarkable resume, including performances at major hotels in Nassau and Freeport, as well as international appearances in places as far-flung as Dubai and Russia. Not to be overshadowed, his father is an accomplished musician in his own right, ensuring that Leo’s path was paved with musical education and a journey to mastery.

The name Curbside Rockerz resonates throughout Nassau, Bahamas, and for good reason. They have become synonymous with impressive musical performances at local hotels, restaurants, and even special store promotions and sales events. Their presence lends an invaluable artistic touch to the local scene, a testament to their passion and dedication.

I would highly recommend viewing the latest TikTok video featuring Leo Jones and Curbside Rockerz. The experience is a delightful one, and it’s an excellent way to revisit the nostalgia of Super Mario Brothers while enjoying a fresh musical interpretation. If you’ve enjoyed reading this account, kindly share it on your preferred social media platforms and take a moment to share your own thoughts in the comments section. If you have any inspiring content to contribute, you’re welcome to reach out to us at To all readers, savor the music, and above all, stay safe and engaged! 😊

Curbside Rockerz

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