In the heart of Nashville, where the rhythms of country music often take center stage, there exists a hidden gem that resonates with the soulful notes of jazz and the timeless melodies of classical piano—the Aria Music Class Piano Studio (AMC). Housed at Track Studios Nashville, AMC has been an active enrichment program since 2013, bringing the gift of music to enthusiasts of all ages.

A labor of love and a testament to five generations of musical heritage, AMC aims to ignite the spark of creativity in individuals and communities alike. Their mission is clear: to mentor and inspire, preparing students for success in their artistic endeavors. With a star-studded group of musical educators, including the late Paul Alexander Hanna, Tanya Hanna, Reggie Wooten, and more, AMC boasts a lineup that reads like a who’s who of the music world.

The recent “Night of Jazz” event on October 21st, 2023, was a spectacular showcase of AMC’s commitment to musical excellence. Held at the historic Jefferson Street Sound Museum as part of the North Nashville Culture Crawl Festival, the night paid homage to the late jazz legend, Paul Hanna. Attendees, numbering around 200, were treated to the captivating vocals of Jazz Crooner Tanya Hanna, transporting everyone on a sonic journey.

The performances by AMC students—Aria Hanna, Elijah Smith, Tristan Hanna, and Jerymiah Norman—were a clear demonstration of the studio’s dedication to nurturing young talents. Beyond the melodies, the night was a poignant tribute to Paul Hanna, a jazz maestro who left an indelible mark on the music world. The legacy lives on through events like these, where music becomes a bridge connecting the past to the present.

One remarkable student, Dylan, a protégé of the late Paul Hanna, started his piano journey at the tender age of 6. His rapid progression and love for performing were showcased at various venues, including a special dinner event hosted by Ambassador Julio Cesar Gonzalez Mechante. Dylan’s story embodies the spirit of AMC, where passion meets mentorship, and dreams find their melody.

A special nod of gratitude goes to AMC’s patrons, including The Huffaker Group of Keller Williams Realty, Top Track Studios, Drum Supply, Graycliff Hotel & Restaurant Nassau, Bahamas, Inspire Foundation, and Rock City. Their support ensures that the crescendo of AMC’s influence in the music world continues to rise.

For those seeking a musical adventure, Aria Music Class Piano Studio is where you play to learn, and learn to play. For more information or to seek enrollment, please visit

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