African Fashion Exhibition Brooklyn


The “African Fashion” exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum celebrates Africa’s emergence as a vibrant fashion capital, showcasing designers and creatives shaping the continent’s style in the 21st century. Beyond displaying eye-catching fashion, the exhibition delves into the historical context of African fashion, spanning from the mid-20th century to the present, highlighting the diverse artistic visions of African and diasporic communities. The show, featuring over 300 objects, including fashion, textiles, jewelry, art, photography, and more, is one of the largest presentations of its kind in North America.

The exhibition, which originally premiered at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London in 2022, has been thoughtfully adapted for its Brooklyn setting, incorporating works from the museum’s extensive collection of African art and blending African and diasporic identities with an American twist. Notably, it includes the work of Brooklyn-based designers Aurora James and Christopher John Rogers, who have made significant contributions to the fashion world with their Africa-inspired designs and innovative initiatives.

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